Saturday, April 28, 2012

This school year term, I took a sabbatical leave to complete working on my Masters; therefore, I found it somewhat difficult to post activities that I was doing in my classroom.  However, in my English II class last year, we did some fascinating work that I consider sharing on my blog.
In Nonfiction Unit, my students were assigned to compose an autobiography using Microsoft PowerPoint.  The Autobiographical Presentation was entitled, “All About Me. I have currently encountered new knowledge and skills in technology from the dynamic Professor Dr. K.K. Lopez, and without hesitation, I immediately thought how I could alter the assignment by having them  to convert the PowerPoint slides  into jpegs and upload them into storyboard.  The students then would add narration and music and create a movie video. .  I took the autobiographical PowerPoint of Tiffany Evans and transformed it into a movie video.  I’m absolutely sure that my students will love doing this assignment when I return next year to English.  

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