Saturday, April 28, 2012

Novel, A Separate Peace, by John Knowles

From the novel,  A Separate Peace,  by John Knowles, which is one of my favorite books, the students used an exemplar of Spark Notes to create a template which would comprise the literary elements from the novel.  This is an example of a student’s work.
Your Literature Notes must include several labeled sections:
Author and Title – must be displayed in large font somewhere on the page.
Type of Work—such as novel, drama, short story, etc.
Plot Overview – should be a thorough and accurate summary of what happens in the novel. It should cover the novel from start to finish.
Key Facts – should include the title, author, year written, genre, all elements of the novel, including all stages of the plot (this may take some research on your behalf), point of view, and setting
Key Literary Elements – should include three of the elements involved in the novel WITH EXPLANATIONS of each element. (imagery, symbolism, foreshadowing, flashback, etc.
Theme – should be a quick explanation of the theme of the novel with an explanation.
Character List – should include “mini-biographies” for at least six characters in the novel (Basically explain the character and his/her role in the novel.)
Discussion Questions – should be at least three open-ended discussion questions that you would ask students about the novel. They MAY NOT be taken from our text; you must create them.
Image – Your LITERATURE NOTES should also contain at least two pictures that relates to the novel.

You can use Microsoft Word; I found it very easy to use color text and color text boxes to create the chart. Make sure your boxes are colored. However, you may find another program more suitable.
For extra credit of 25 points, you can enlarge your notes to a poster size.
This assignment is worth 10points.  You will be graded on content (75 points), and creativity (25 points).

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